Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Merry MasChrist

I just typed Christmas into Google Images, and tons of pictures of Christmas trees, and presents, and Santa Claus came up. Isn't that sad? After all, Christmas is Jesus' birthday, shouldn't he be what this is all about?

This year, my friend Gabby and her family have decided to call Christmas MasChrist, In spanish, MasChrist translates to more Christ. I really like this idea, because I think it puts the focus on the birth of Christ. Which is what the focus should be on anyway! How would you feel if no one even thought about you on your birthday? I think that would be a bit how Jesus feels.

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  1. I feel loved:P hah but yeah at first I thought it was weird until he told us the story that went with it... It's long:P
    But anyway I love you Addisyn:)